"I communicate with my environment via sensors"

AIVAR Technologies specializes in wireless location tracking and monitoring solutions using sensors, RFID technology and GSM/GPRS for communication. The solutions enable 24/7, real-time control and management over any secure Internet connection in the world.


"Because of my dome eyes, I have 360° vision"

AIVAR’s strength lies in its enthusiasm and drive to find a solution to any "problem". We broaden our vision where necessary, and innovate when needed. This, combined with years of experience, has given us a level of knowledge in the wireless location tracking and monitoring market that is second to none in the industry. We go beyond where others stop.


"I have many colors and can change into different shades"

AIVAR is an innovative company. With a close-knit team of hardware and software specialists, we look beyond our company. We will engage with you in dialogue about your business processes. Look for opportunities to help you improve your process and your bottom line. Innovation is our driving force, our strength, your solution!


"I change my color to blend in with my environment"

For a successful automation solution, you do not need a supplier but a partner! A partner that will put themselves in your shoes to find a solution. A partner that will take care of all your concerns, look far outside the box and design, install, manage and maintain your entire automation system, so you don’t have to. AIVAR Technologies is such a partner.


"My tail is powerful and helps me keep my balance"

In addition to developing our own brand of products, AIVAR also works with reliable hardware suppliers that have built a proven track record over the years. At AIVAR, we hold customer support and service as a top priority, which is why you can count on us to solve your problems. Not next week, but as soon as possible.