Location-based services

Providing location-based information to visitors or personnel is becoming increasingly important for reaching customers directly and or optimizing your business processes. Think real-time alerts, alerts on area information, wait times, route information, available parking places, missing persons and targeted local marketing information on products and services. Nowadays, people don’t want to search for information, they want it given to them!

AIVAR Location tracking; location-based services

Proximity marketing

We are inundated with so much information that we often miss the message between the lines. This constant flow of information makes it difficult for marketing managers and entrepreneurs to reach their target audience. With AIVAR’s proximity marketing, you can interact and connect with your visitors on a whole new level, informing them of wait times or great offers and bargains.  

Professional workflow services

For professional use during service & maintenance works, your coworkers will receive only the information they need at the relevant location. The right tasks, registration of activities, schedules and more. The information is automatically exchanged between the central and secure servers and the (mobile) field equipment. The benefits, besides significant cost-savings, are better services and increased quality control of the business processes.

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