Fleet management

Sharply rising car costs, increasing administrative costs for managing the fleet, more and more IRS audits and obligations, and the desire to use your vehicles efficiently and durably in your business processes. None of these make fleet management cheaper or easier.

All-around system

AIVAR Location tracking - Fleet ManagementIn addition to locating and tracking objects in real time, Fleettrace is a user-friendly and simple web application. Thanks to its modular design and well-structured reports, Fleettrace can map out routes, prepare staff schedules, provide accurate trip registrations, trip reports for tax reporting, timesheets, maintenance intervals information and fleet analyses, all with great precision and efficiency. An all-around system, in other words!

Productivity improvement

This translates into mapping out the most efficient route for your driver, faster administrative and logistics processes resulting in increasingly shorter turnaround times, less time-wasting and higher productivity.

With Fleettrace, AIVAR has the fleet management solution for you.

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