Location tracking

AIVAR location tracking solutionsAs a company, you want to have a fix on your critical business processes. You want up-to-the minute information - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - about where your valuable resources, vehicles, personnel or other operating assets are located and under what conditions. That information enables you to organize your business processes as efficiently as possible and take any action necessary. Location tracking solutions help boost your company’s productivity.

Real-time indoor and outdoor location tracking

AIVAR provides real-time indoor and outdoor location tracking solutions. The input information is processed in real-time and displayed in a web application on dynamic local maps. The intelligence in the underlying software platform makes it possible to convert relations, conclusions and/or combinations of events into actions. Besides detailed management information, exchange of location-based messages with people and reporting options, a very flexible integration suite is provided for interfacing with your own automation environment and applications.

Solution for your location tracking needs

AIVAR has the solution for your location tracking needs. Click here for nonbinding advice on real-time location tracking!

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