AIVAR, real-time information experience

Facts, observations, registrations from the physical world ... let your valuable resources tell you where they are, let your resources and your environment tell you how they feel and let them take action to inform users. Let the things do the talking!


Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life and work without real-time process data. Real-time intelligent information systems provide the necessary input for alerting, reporting and analyzing business processes.

Using innovative technology, robust modular hardware and software building blocks and a user-friendly interface, AIVAR brings solutions within reach of any company, institution or consumer.


AIVAR Technologies BV focuses on the development and delivery of innovative and sustainable solutions for monitoring our environment and locating and monitoring objects, goods and people.

In addition to improving our customer’s bottom line, our location tracking solutions contribute to reducing logistics footprint and increasing efficiency of business processes. Our monitoring solutions prevent deterioration of food and raw materials, monitor soil, air and water quality and instantly alert users any time dangerous situations occur.

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